Changing Currents


Photo of students monitoring in river
Students monitoring

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Students monitoring

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Discover the Health of Your Local River!

EcoSpark's Changing Currents program introduces grade 8-12 students from across the Greater Toronto Area to their area's watersheds and teaches them about watershed science. Students get outside, put on hip waders, explore a local river or stream, and learn about its importance and quality.

By participating in the program students will:

  • use benthic macro-invertebrate bio-monitoring as well as chemical and physical monitoring to examine the health of their local river or stream,
  • contribute to a GTA-wide study of watersheds, and
  • have the chance to take action concerning what they discover

If you are a teacher and want to register, access our resources, or know more about the Changing Currents program, visit the Teacher Area.

Please fill out the registration form with your class information & preferred date for a spot on the waiting list.  We may still be able to fit you in!

If you are a student, learn more about water quality and bio-monitoring in the Student Area.

The Changing Currents program is a free program within the Greater Toronto Area

With financial support provided by:   



                                                                                                    JP Bickell Foundation