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Students monitoring

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Students monitoring

Get YOUR STUDENTS outside to study Rivers

The Changing Currents program is a hands-on educational program that helps you and your students learn about your local river or stream. Students use scientific protocols to monitor the quality of the water and contribute to a GTA water-monitoring program. All of the results will be published in the Student State of Our Rivers Report (2013). Furthermore, students then get a chance to take action based on what they discover.

Throughout the program, EcoSpark supports you and your students by providing training, field-trip facilitation, equipment, guidebooks, and handouts. Follow the links to learn more and to access the resources needed to implement the program.

The program consists of five steps:

  1. Attending a teacher training session that prepares you to do benthic macro-invertebrate bio-monitoring

  2. Preparing students in class for the stream study field trip

  3. Hosting a stream study field trip facilitated by an EcoSpark staff member

  4. Analysing your data

  5. Helping students organize an action based on their discoveries (optional)

the changing currents program IS A FREE PROGRAM WITHIN THE Greater Toronto Area

For more info
Please contact Holly Brose
Phone: 647-258-3280 x2011

See the Stream Study Field Manual:
Changing Currents Manual

With financial support provided by:   

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