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Complete Communities

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Teachers! Wondering how to teach climate change, sustainability and complete communities in your classroom?

EcoSpark's Complete Communities Project is intended to increase awareness and understanding of growth planning among teachers and students. By promoting and supporting the concept of complete communities in formal education, young people will be informed, engaged and active in how our communities mature and grow now and into the future.

Neptis Foundatio's map of the GGHThe Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH) is a region in southern Ontario and just like its name is shaped like a horseshoe. Home to 9 million people, it's one of the fastest growing regions in North America! With the GGH's population expected to rise to 13.5 million by 2041, regional growh planning is needed to ensure this region is a great place to live with a clean and healthy environment, a strong economy and social equity.

Learn about sustainable growth where you and your students live, work and play as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation in the GGH. Learn what makes this region so important from its natural and agricultural systems to its cultural heritage and its contribution to the economy.


Teachers! Take advantage of our professional development opportunities:


Watch our 4 webinar recordings and access the webinar slides to learn and teach about sustainable development and climage change in your classroom! 


Learn more about our in-person workshops at schools across the Greater Toronto Area.


Gain access to our teacher resource, Growing in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, in Engligh and French as well as lesson plans for grade 7-12 geography and grade 9-11 science! Look at case studies through the Neptis Geoweb as well as visualize how thie region has grown and will continue to grow into the future. *NEW* Three new lesson plans have been added to our resource - check it out!

  For more info about this project, email Kathleen at [email protected].



This project would not be possible without support from the Ontario Growth Secretariat at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs through the Places to Grow Implementation Fund.

Ontario Government

We also thank partners and supporters: The Neptis Foundation and Green Teacher

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