Greenbelt Youth Charter

What is the ontario greenbelt youth charter?

The Charter represents the voices of concerned youth who care about the Greenbelt and its future, and whose livelihoods will be impacted by the decisions made through the 2015 Coordinated Land Use Planning Review. It is a testimony to the power of concerned youth in stewarding our environment and a reminder to decision makers to think and act selflessly about future generations.

EcoSpark facilitated the creation of the first-ever Ontario Greenbelt Youth Charter offering youth from across southern Ontario the opportunity to share their perspectives in a review process where they have not yet been consulted.


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Hear what Greenbelt Youth Ambassador Cody has to say about the bus tour and contributing to the first-ever Greenbelt Youth Charter!

The Ontario Greenbelt Youth Charter is a project of EcoSpark, generously supported by the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation.