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Greenbelt Youth Ambassadors 2020

Let your voice be heard to protect the Greenbelt!

What is Ontario’s Greenbelt? 

The Greenbelt is an area of land that is made up of environmentally sensitive habitats and important farmlands that help mitigate the effects of climate change. It provides vital clean water and locally grown food to North America’s fastest-growing areas within the Greater Golden Horseshoe. The Greenbelt Plan provides strong legal protection for the area. 

What is the Greenbelt Plan?

The Greenbelt Plan was put in place in 2005 to protect the environment and local agriculture from future urban development. The Greenbelt Plan is reviewed every 10 years by the Ontario Government and it’s first review was in 2015/2016.

What does a Greenbelt Youth Ambassador do?

Greenbelt Youth Ambassador explore and get to know Ontario’s Greenbelt: the green spaces, farmland, forests, wetlands, and watersheds that surround the Greater Toronto Area. They learn about the role the Greenbelt plays in protecting our air and water, and in providing healthy local food and places to connect with nature. And, they learn about the role the government policies and plans play in the long term use and protection of the Greenbelt for future generations.

EcoSpark helps Greenbelt Youth Ambassadors explore the Greenbelt through a series of bus tours, webinars and conferences. Youth Ambassadors are introduced to people living and working on the Greenbelt; local experts explain the many roles the Greenbelt plays in protecting the environment and supporting Ontario’s economy; and, Youth Ambassadors attend summer conferences where they learn the skills to effectively communicate their newly gained knowledge to help to broaden environmental support with community members and local officials.

Greenbelt Youth Ambassador commitment to volunteer for several hours a month for 1 to 3 years, volunteer work that can be applied toward their education volunteer requirements. They develop new networks of like minded colleagues across the Greater Toronto Area. And, they make new friends that share concerns and passion for protecting the environment and ensuring there is a sustainable future themselves and everyone else.

Want to be a Greenbelt Youth Ambassador or know someone who wants to join the next cohort of Greenbelt Youth Ambassadors? Apply for our next Bus Tour!

These 1-day workshops take Youth Ambassadors on guided tours to experience what the Greenbelt has to offer. Participants will see natural heritage features and local communities. They will learn about threats to the Greenbelt and the impacts policy and planning can have on local communities. After the tours, participants are encouraged to gain extra volunteer hours through additional outreach activities sharing their knowledge within their own communities.

Next Tour: May 2020 

Time: TBA

Pick up/Drop off location: TBA

A maximum of 50 high school students will be selected for this opportunity. All applicants will be notified about tour details a couple of weeks prior to the tour.

Students are responsible for:

  • Being an active participant
  • Transportation to and from the pick-up/drop-off location
  • Personal lunches and water bottles
  • Weather appropriate clothing, with all terrain footwear
  • Signing the Greenbelt Youth Charter

Why you should apply!

  • It’s FREE!
  • Get volunteer hours!
  • Be a role model to your community and to future generations!
  • See different aspects of the Greenbelt that people don’t usually get to see!
  • Learn about geography, environmental management, policy and planning, grassroots advocacy, local history...and much, much more!
  • Meet like-minded friends and interact with professionals associated with this field!
  • Add this amazing experience to your resume!
  • Gain an official certificate from Ecospark!

Registration will open around March/April so stay tuned!

For questions and inquiries please contact EcoSpark by the following: [email protected] or 647-258-3280 x 2003

The Greenbelt Youth Ambassador program is generously supported by the   .


Top Banner Image Credit: Peter Pomykacz