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Water Quality: Why does it matter?

There is water all around us. There are vast oceans, large lakes, grand rivers, small ponds, and tiny streams. All of these matter to us and to other life on this planet.

 Why is the quality of water sources (even in the tiniest stream) important?

  1. Our river systems connect together to make watersheds. Tiny streams feed large rivers, which can then feed lakes or oceans. The contamination of the tiniest stream will affect everything downstream.
  2. We often get our drinking water from lakes and rivers. Even though we treat our drinking water, we should protect it at its initial source, up to the tiniest stream.
  3. Lots of other animals and plants depend upon the watersheds which we inhabit.
  4. Cleaner water means a healthier food chain (from bugs, to fish, to birds, to people.) Dirty water can affect the health of the fish we eat, and thus our health.
  5. We use water for recreation.
  6. Poor water quality tends to affect disadvantaged communities disproportionately.

Learn about the risks our rivers face.