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Learn Your Benthics !

Learn more about benthics. Click on an image below to learn about their habitat, diets and reproductive methods, etc. Then, test your knowledge by taking our BMI ID quiz!


Alderfly thumbnail Aquatic Earthworm Thumbnail

Moth Thumbnail

Beetle Thumbnail Blackfly Thumbnail
Caddisfly Thumbnail Clam Thumbnail Crane fly Thumbnail Crayfish Thumbnail Damselfly Thumbnail
Dragonfly Thumbnail Flatworm Thumbnail Horsefly Thumbnail Hydra Thumbnail Leech Thumbnail
Mayfly Thumbnail Midge Thumbnail Misc True Fly Thumbnail Mite Thumbnail Mosquito Thumbnail
No-See-Um Thumbnail Round Worm Thumbnail Scud Thumbnail Snail Thumbnail Sow Bug Thumbnail
Stonefly Thumbnail True Bug Thumbnail