• EcoSpark and partners launches our Marvellous Moraine website! Discover the beauty and importance of the Oak Ridges Moraine at

  • Changing Currents is already getting ready for spring!  Our April training date wil be held on Saturday the 11th at Terra Cotta conservation Area.  Get an early start on spring resigration HERE!
  • Want to use our Wattwize resources, but don't have the equipment?  We're selling off our energy meters at great prices!  Send an email to for more information.
EcoSpark helps the Make the Drop battery drive a success! Over 50,000 batteries have been recycled
drop off locations across Ontario! Click here to find out more.

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School projects

Community projects
Changing Currents
Engaging students and teachers in watershed monitoring and action across the GTA.
Helping students and teachers create an energy conservation culture in their schools.
Placing communities at the heart of ecological and policy monitoring on the Oak Ridges Moraine to protect it for present and future generations.
Live Green Toronto
Dedicated outreach staff working in your community to help you put your green ideas into action.
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