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EcoSpark is an environmental charity whose mission is to empower communities to take an active role in protecting and sustaining their local environment. We do this by giving people the tools for education, monitoring and influencing positive change.

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Media Releases

  1. 2017-06-06 Province maps out new nature and farm protection for the Greater Golden Horseshoe
  2. 2017-05-18 The Province's coordinated land use review is on the right track, but questions remain
  3. 2017-03-09 Growth Plan Loopholes Allow for Sprawl in Rural Communities
  4. 2016-05-10 Province announces strong intentions for Greater Golden Horseshoe: Strong follow-through now needed
  5. 2015-12-07 Crombie report hits the mark: Protect Ontario's most vulnerable water resources
  6. 2015-11-05 Groups Call on Province to Grow the Greenbelt, Protect Water Supplies


Media Coverage

  1. 2016-02-29 Support grows for growing the Ontario Greenbelt in Northumberland
  1. 2015-11-20 Pickering students launch Greenbelt youth charter at Dunbarton High School
  1. 2015-11-05 Environmental groups hope to nearly double Ontario's Greenbelt